Akea Product Review – How Essential Is Essential?

by JTrombold on March 8, 2012

When you begin to consider any kind of network marketing organization, it is critical to take into account many different things, products being an essential consideration. But exactly how critical is it? The very first question you should ask yourself is, do they deliver the results? This might appear to be a no-brainer, however ensuring that your product is in fact doing what it is proposed to do is a good starting point, and when you’re discussing health and wellness, the research into the products is hard because if you aren’t a health and wellness expert, you’re largely left to take the word of people which sometimes are not familiar with the actual science (perhaps even the experts)! The second thing to consider, do they really fit for me personally? This particular one is essential for your personal results, simply because while you don’t have to be a tough salesman to reach your goals in multilevel marketing, there isn’t any doubt you need to be excited about what your product is providing. If you don’t have faith in what you’re doing, your prospects will see right through you! Keeping this in mind, your number one aim is to create a network, however you still must think about these 2 points previously mentioned related to your products. Of last consideration are the tools and presentation materials that your organization has available for you to place your product information in front of your prospects. You don’t want to bombard them with details, so possessing these tools can be helpful, not merely to allow them to better fully grasp them, but additionally so you project an easy training process. Maintaining all of this in mind, here is an overview of the Akea products, in continuation of the Akea Review.

Akea offers a fairly limited range of products with the core of their products centered around using cultures from around the world as their template for designing their products.  The idea here being that if you take specific populations, assuming that they are not healthy and long-lived for genetic reasons, and find out what makes them be more healthy and live longer (greater longevity).  With this in mind, Akea has targeted the so called “centarians” or people that are likely to live for 90 to 100 years commonly and designed their flagship product, Akea Essentials with the diets of these cultures in mind.

Akea Essentials- The Basics

Akea Essentials is the flagship product for Akea, a twice daily, organic, fermented, raw whole food powder that is designed to “fill in the gaps” of your diet.  The idea here being that it is very hard, if not impossible, to get all the nutrients that we need on a daily basis from our diet, and if you can, it takes a major commitment.  So if you like to shop the fruit and vegetable isle every day and you load up on that stuff, you don’t need to worry about this!  The reality is that most of us, myself included, don’t really have that kind of nutritional discipline.

So What Is In It?

Akea Essentials contains organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and whole grains to “combat the effects of the standard diet” (their words not mine), to the tune of 5 daily serving s of fruits and vegetables per day.  The so-called “superfoods” in this product range from green tea to Curcumin (think curry seasoning) to broccoli to berries and many others in between.  In addition, whole grains and probiotics to help with various physiological (body) functions.  They team this up with a mineral blend from calcium to magnesium and top it all off with Resveratrol which they promote as being “longevity promoting”.  The last part seems to be a token ingredient these days, and it certainly seems to increase life span in animals that are being severely over-fed (don’t think McDonald’s here, think about it like if you took McDonald’s and added extra sugar to the drink and some lard to the burger, pretty extreme stuff); however the effect in people when just slightly overeating, or if you don’t have any weight problems.

60-Day Challenge

This is a system they have in place to help you stay on track with your new healthy lifestyle.  Consider that you r Akea Essentials are helping you to supplement you diet, but what about the amount of food you eat and the amount of physical activity you get each day?  Without knowing for sure, I would imagine that many of these cultures that have exceptional longevity also have characteristics of keeping a healthy body-weight either from diet or exercise.  The important thing to remember here is that nutritional supplements don’t make you lost weight unless you eat less and are more active.  With this in mind, this 60-day challenge program they have in place seems to be a nice fit with the Akea Essentials.

The take home here is that the products seem good, however they are limited to just really a single product and this may limit the number of people you could bring into your business.

Once again, do your own personal homework and after that revisit those three quick questions at the top of this post, all the while thinking about how your network and your partners (ie, your up-line) are likely going to be the most critical facets of your network marketing company to think about, but don’t discount the products or services!

To Your Success…


Akea Review

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