Make Your List – Attraction Marketing 101

by JTrombold on March 15, 2012

One of the typical opinions when people start adopting an attraction marketing approach to building their network marketing business is that it throws out the need to market your business in any of the traditional ways.  This is true in some fashion because the idea is that you are gearing your marketing towards people that want to hear about what you have to offer, and you are building your network by positioning yourself as a leader and of someone with high value.  However, it is often misunderstood that many of the classic network marketing approaches are still going to be important, such as making calls, investing time into your business and not to be left out, making your list.

What Is The Purpose of the List?

As I said above one the appealing aspects of attraction marketing is that you don’t have to chase after people that aren’t interested in what you have to offer, and often times people misconstrue this as meaning they don’t have to talk to people that they know.  While it is true that when you join up with a network marketing community such as My Lead System Pro in order to attain the skills and value needed to be a leader in network marketing, you also need to tap into your existing resources in order to get yourself into profit as fast as possible.

Who Is On The List?

Your list is anyone you want it to be, but the first thing you need to consider are the people that you already know in network marketing.  These could be people that are in your upline, downline, or people not even in your business, but are in another network marketing company.  Another good group to think about is anyone you know that has been in network marketing, but no longer is with their company, as these would be not only good people to learn from, but if you ask them what they struggled with, and they say something like, “my upline wasn’t supportive” or “I just didn’t have the tools I needed” or “I was tired of burning bridges with my friends and family” you can present them with the concept of attraction marketing and the solution to those problems within My Lead System Pro.

Why The List?

One of the biggest issues people have that prevent them from staying in network marketing is the inability to “break even”.  This can be tough for a lot of reasons, but mainly because it can be tough to recruit people based on your primary company.  Conversely, imagine for a moment how much easier it would be to market to people that are looking for what you have to offer?  Everyone already does it at their conferences where people are talking about how they are marketing their business, but now you are really going to have the tools that people are looking for.  Using My Lead System Pro as your attraction marketing “backbone”, you can make $15-30 per month from each person that you sign up, the earning potential is isn’t huge, but it makes it easy to do several key points in building a network marketing business:

  1. Breaking Even: Being a member in My Lead System Pro costs $50/month (this is after the 14-day, no obligation $10 trial) and let’s say you spend $150/month in your primary network marketing company.  This means that you need to get ~13 people on your team inside of My Lead System Pro.  Do you know 13 people that are looking for real solutions to their challenges in network marketing?
  2. Build Your Network: the most important part of building a network marketing business isn’t making the sale, it is building a network.  Using My Lead System Pro provides you with not only for a great way to build your network of people that you are training, but provides you with the opportunity to connect with some of the best network marketers in the world that are leaders in the system.  Success leaves clues, follow the leader!

If you haven’t asked yourself this question yet, many people become concerned about helping other people build their network marketing business as this goes against what we are taught by our upline that our company is the best out there!  It may also be tough to think about helping your competition.  However, on my team, we operate in an abundance mentality, meaning that we aren’t fighting over the same 100 people out there.  Do you think there is really a limited number of people that are looking for ways to make more money besides simply working more hours at their existing job or taking on another job?

No way!

The last point to consider is that if you position yourself as a leader, people will want to work with you, just think about if you would rather work for someone that doesn’t teach you how to market your business and just tells you to stick with it, call more friends and sends you hype emails about how life-changing your products are OR someone that provides you with tools to build your business?

While you are waiting for your attraction marketing plans to “kick in” why not tap into your vast supply of people that you already know are struggling in network marketing and get yourself into profit!

If you haven’t done the 14-day trial in My Lead System Pro yet, what’s stopping you?

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Lost Art of the 3-Way Call

by JTrombold on April 3, 2012

This post will outline the key points regarding setting up the 3-way call to increase your phone success when talking to people about your network marketing business.  This is an important post as most people don’t do this correctly and since it is such an important part of building your network marketing business, it should be done right!  In general, much of this content is taken from the insight from my business partner, Ray Higdon so I have to give him credit when it is due.

Technical Side

This isn’t a post to outline technically “how to” do a 3-way call as this will vary from phone to phone, for details on how to do this, you can Google the3-way-call instructions for your specific phone and I would recommend doing a test run with either another phone you have, you with someone else so you can make sure you don’t disconnect your call when it is “showtime”.

When Should You Do It

3-way calls can be an important tool for everyone in network marketing, not just people that are new to the industry.  In my opinion, these are important to give your prospect a different angle, provide some 3rd party credibility and also to project the idea to them that they will be able to have help from more experienced members of the team when they are just getting started (project ease of business building).  However, you don’t always have to do the 3-way call…

Follow-up First

Before any thought of a 3-way call can be made, it is important to take them through a process to better understand what you are presenting them with.  The first step is to set them up with a presentation tool that provides them with relevant information and make sure to set a concrete date and time for you to call them back.  Once this is set, you will then see if your upline is available at that time.

When you call them back, many people will do the 3-way call by getting their upline on the phone first and then calling in the prospect, but this is backwards!  What you need to do is call the prospect first and determine if they watched the presentation.  If they didn’t, reschedule the call time until after they have watched it, if they have, ask them simply, “what did you like best about what you saw?”

If their response is positive, then follow up with something like, “sounds to me like you are ready to join” and then let them talk.  At this point, you may be able to sign them up without the 3-way call, but if they still have questions, it may be time to bring the 3rd person in, but before you do that, consider the importance of the transition…

Transition Is King

Your goal here is to edify the person you are bringing on the phone without making it sound like you are trying to corner them for a “hard close”.  In order to make the transition, I love what Ray recommends for this:

“That is a great question and I can tell you are serious by asking that question. Tell you what I would feel more comfortable if I got one of my partners on the line that I work with in the company that can answer it to make sure this is the right fit for you. Please hold one minute.”

That is an easy way to say it that doesn’t feel like it is putting them in a tight spot.

Boost Them Up!

Another mistake that people make is to build up the person coming on the call too much so it in a way can frighten the prospect, again we will turn to Ray’s wisdom to guide us on this one.  Here is a sample of something to say AFTER you get the 3rd party on the phone:

“(Prospect Name), boy are we in luck, I wasn’t sure if I could get him/her or not but we got the top something in North America/World, that has won this and that and we caught them in between meetings and he/she has a few minutes to help address your question to make sure this is a fit for you.”

It is that simple, practice going through is by yourself because your prospecting success is related to practice, practice, practice!

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